For an idea of the ‘Rhythmworx experience’, here is a short clip of a team building rhythm event that we facilitated with 200 staff members of an educational organisation:



‘I thoroughly enjoyed the experience… There were smiles on faces I am not used to seeing and it was a wonderful tangible reminder of the common goals we have and are working towards. Loved it!’ – Claire E

‘You described me perfectly yesterday when you said the hardest people to instruct were lawyers! As an ex- lawyer, I was just as resistant as you suggested but your energy and infectious enthusiasm for your subject won me over and I have to say I LOVED it! Your exercise was fun and uplifting and you got us to all co-operate as a group to achieve what I didn’t think possible’ – Elizabeth H

‘You were absolutely brilliant in leading this. My one word was ‘alive’. And on a deeper level it showed how in tune as a community we could be, under fun, expert leadership’ – Kathy T

‘The beginning of a new school year is an opportune time to inspire both teaching and support staff with renewed commitment to working as a cohesive professional group to deliver quality outcomes for our students. Guest presenters can be effective but for staff to become the learners in an atmosphere of fun and collaboration is a powerful way to re-energise staff morale. This was the context which led to a decision to invite Tina to conduct a percussion session with the staff. Tina’s preparation was meticulous and each staff member had a percussion instrument. In a short 30-minute time space Tina was able to have the whole group totally engaged in creating a variety of rhythmic beats and to make links between the message of the prior presenter and the experience of drumming. The success of this activity was no doubt due to Tina’s thorough preparation and vibrant and professional delivery. A great way to start the new school year’ – Angela O’Malley, Director of Mission, All Hallows’ School