Proudly Queensland based, Percussimo is a contemporary group of fun loving percussionists passionate about the ‘art of hitting’. Percussimo’s mission is to provide magical experiences through live music that connects and resonates with the audience, creating sounds that inspire happiness and joy.

Uniquely entertaining, a Percussimo show is the perfect balance between music and comedy, complete with its own signature twists and spins. Percussimo’s diverse repertoire encompasses interpretations of classical masterpieces, mashup fusion through to creative covers of popular songs. Throw into the mix contemporary percussion works, some cool ‘light up sticks’ drumming, ‘Stomp’-esque pots and bins and you have an idea of the Percussimo experience.

Come and be percussionised! 

Meet the team


In addition to a passion for hitting things, Tina enjoys applying her talents in the art of shopping.

Since his first percussion lesson in grade 8 Steve knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Steve loves creating and sharing music and feels so fortunate he has been doing so for over 25 years.

Alice is from Perth. She is terrible at Tetris which means that her wonderful husband, Phil, packs the car for gigs and family road trips.

Owen discovered a passion for making noise at age 13.

His dog Diesel also shares this passion, and likes to serenade the neighbourhood at 2 in the morning.

Kerrie is constantly trying to balance her love of procrastination with the need to get things done.

This is especially difficult when planning Percussimo shows.

After watching The Sound of Music repeatedly at 3 years old, Lorraine fell in love with the do re mi‘s and a b c‘s. Since then, she has Climbed Every (piano) Mountain and percussion sparkly rainbow to realise that her favourite thing to do when it is storming is….to sing My Favourite Things!

When Jacob is not with his family, he can be found teaching, or playing sports such as percussion or conducting. Late night training sessions coupled with early morning child-wrangling allows Jacob to appreciate a fine cup of coffee.
Metro Gnome

Metro is also a founding member of Percussimo. We support Metro Gnome who helps every percussionist lock into tempo.

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